Why is Gucci and Bill Gates Investing in Agriculture?

Team Everydaily | 03 May 2021

When you think of agriculture, you probably think of .… potatoes or something. But agricultural fields aren’t just for food, they are also used to grow fibers like cotton which turn into textiles; i.e. the clothes on your back on the towels in your gym bag.

In-fact, the U.S. textile and apparel industry is a nearly $70 billion sector, which means it’s got a LOT of impact - not just financially, but environmentally and socially as well. And that’s why Gucci, Bill Gates, and many others are starting to pay attention.

It isn’t new that agriculture is a big deal, but something that’s become more “trendy” for the good is the concept of “regenerative agriculture.”

Regenerative agriculture basically means farming practices which have MORE POSITIVE IMPACT than “industrial” textile farming. 

Industrial “modern” techniques such as pesticides, irrigation systems, and monocropping (planting a single crop such as cotton) to increase their yields and sell to middlemen - are bad for people and the planet.
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Textile Farming Is Bad for People: Many workers face dangerous working environments due to hazardous processes and substances used in production at all levels of the supply chain. These workers are often pressured to meet strict time commitments which can lead to long horus, low pay, and in some instances, child labour and slavery.

Textile Farming Is Bad for The Planet: There are greenhouse gas emissions at nearly every level of textile farming and production - including when it gets into your hands and inevitably piles up ion the landfill.

Check out this graphic from a New Textiles Economy report:
But there’s a solution to ridding ourselves of our current textile economy, and that’s Regenerative Agriculture!

At the heart of regenerative agriculture is rejuvenating the land throughout its processes. This includes cutting out pesticides, reducing waste, and capturing more emissions than it puts it out. While it’s not strictly in the definition, propoents of regenerative agriculture often believe in a more ethical supply chain - putting human rights at the forefront of production. 

Sounds pretty great right? And luckily the big players in the game are starting to advocate for these changes.

In fashion, Patagonia has certainly paved the way for regenerative agriculture as it’s efforts started as early as 2017 when it established the Regenerative Agriculture CertifiedTM program to keep working conditions and the planet healthy.

Even Kering, who owns Gucci and other luxury brands. has recently launched a regenerative fund to transform a million hectares of farmland to regenerative methods in five years. 


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Okay but what does Bill Gates have to do with this?

Bill Gates has bought a lot of farmland lately -- and I mean a lot, he’s the U.S.’s biggest farmland owner. In a Reddit AMA he revealed that he’ll be using the land to test sustainable agricultural methods.

It’s worth mentioning that food companies are also investing in this economy of the future. including General Mills, Danone, and Nestlé

What Can I Do To Invest in Regenerative Agriculture?

Newsflash! You don’t have to have millions to support a better agricultural future. It’s our mission to make it easy to leverage the collective power of individuals to continue to make the case for regenerative agriculture - specifically with hemp.

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When you choose Everydaily, you’re not just choosing a great product, you’re choosing a better future for the planet, and the millions of agricultural workers who need a better life. 

Together, let’s make this happen.


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